Why is Sen. Tommy Tuberville holding up navy appointments?

Why is Sen. Tommy Tuberville holding up navy appointments?

Hey there, OnPolitics readers. A combat over abortion coverage has introduced a Senate affirmation course of, normally only a formality, to a standstill.

Pentagon leaders are involved that Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s latest fight over abortion might be a risk to nationwide safety.

What’s taking place: The Pentagon warned that the Alabama Republican is endangering the country by blocking generals and admirals from taking their command due to a dispute over abortion coverage, reporter Tom Vanden Brook writes.

Tuberville has put a hold on the confirmation of a growing list of over 200 military officials – the seventh time since February.

However why?: Tuberville opposes the Pentagon’s abortion policywhich permits for time without work and travels bills for reproductive well being care – together with abortion – for troops and their dependents in states the place it’s not out there.

The coverage was enacted following the Supreme Courtroom’s choice to overturn Roe v. Wade final 12 months, eliminating the constitutional proper to abortion.

Tuberville calls the policy illegal, saying he’ll release his hold on the nominations when it’s rescinded.

Why it issues: By the top of the 12 months the backlog of officials stuck awaiting confirmation could include more than 650 individualsbased on Protection Secretary Lloyd Austin, together with the chairman of the Joints Chief of State.

Maintain studying: This senator is holding up military appointments because of abortion policy. What could happen next.

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