This cookie dough recipe ‘works like Ozempic,’ well being professional says

This cookie dough recipe ‘works like Ozempic,’ well being professional says

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Could 10, 2023 | 9:36pm


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She says this Oreo recipe will go away you double stuffed.

A California health coach goes viral on TikTok for her five-ingredient cookie dough she claims “works just like the pure model of Ozempic.”

“The best way Ozempic works is that it synthetically releases a intestine hormone you naturally produce referred to as your GLP-1,” Aesha Karunakaran explains in a clip posted last month that has gained 91,100 views.

“Your GLP-1 is your hormone that’s chargeable for making you’re feeling full. So while you really feel full that’s an indication that your GLP-1 is releasing.”

She continued: “After consuming loads of energy, you launch that GLP-1, and you are feeling full, and also you cease consuming.”

Aesha Karunakaran mentioned her recipe helped her lose 15 kilos in 60 days.

Although the Beverly Hills magnificence insists the cookie mix helped her shed 15 kilos in 60 days, one nutritionist argues it’s not “a one-stop weight reduction resolution.”

The Put up has contacted Karunakaran and nutritionists for remark.

Conceived for weight administration of adults with weight problems and Kind 2 diabetes, hypertension, or excessive ldl cholesterol, Ozempic has grow to be Hollywood’s most in-demand rapid weight loss drug.

However some sufferers have reported critical side effects from the fast-acting injectable resembling saggy skin the place fats was.

The cookie dough is made utilizing two scoops of all pure whey protein cupcake batter.

“Ozempic is a zero-calorie GLP-1, and what which means is that it releases excessive, excessive, excessive quantities of GLP-1 synthetically, so you’re feeling full with out consuming any meals. You create an enormous caloric deficit,” Karunakaran defined.

“Now whey protein really releases excessive quantities of GLP-1 naturally, in order that’s why we’re beginning this recipe with two scoops of all-natural whey protein, and we’re utilizing cupcake batter,” she mentioned, pouring the powder right into a bowl.

“Whey protein digests too rapidly, so that you wouldn’t have the ability to launch as a lot GLP-1 with solely whey protein, so we have to decelerate the digestion of this whey protein with a fiber.”

Karunakaran instructed viewers so as to add two tablespoons of coconut flour, two tablespoons of rolled oats blended into oat flour, and 1 / 4 cup of milk earlier than mixing.

She then sprinkled a crushed Oreo on high of her creation.

“I promise you’ll most likely have a really laborious time consuming very a lot else after this cookie dough as a result of it releases such excessive quantities of your GLP-1 and works like a pure model of Ozempic for suppressing your urge for food,” she claimed.

The recipe consists of is barely 5 components: All pure whey protein cupcake batter; coconut flour; rolled oats; milk and an Oreo.
Karunakaran claims her creation will help customers lose fats rapidly.

If that appears like an excessive amount of work, Karunakaran additionally sells cookie dough samples on her web site.

Whereas a number of TikTokers applauded her recipe, a spokesperson for the NYC-based well being and wellness diet personal follow Chelsea Vitamin informed the Every day Mail they “wouldn’t suggest consuming this cookie dough as a one-stop weight reduction resolution.”

“The claims of this cookie dough being equal to Ozempic could be dangerously deceptive…,” the outlet quoted the rep saying.

“Utilizing this recipe as a ‘treatment’ for weight reduction might result in disordered consuming patterns and will go away somebody with vitamin and mineral deficiencies if their eating regimen is just not complete.”

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