Lime juice burn: Dermatologist explains phytophotodermatitis, the right way to keep secure

Lime juice burn: Dermatologist explains phytophotodermatitis, the right way to keep secure

Wanting ahead to sipping on a poolside cocktail this summer time? Pay attention to the lime wedge that could be adorning your glass, because the juice could cause extra hurt to your skin than chances are you’ll suppose.

Also known as lime or margarita burnconsultants say getting lime or different citrus juice on naked pores and skin whereas within the solar could cause a critical pores and skin response.

That will help you stop harm at your subsequent out of doors completely satisfied hour, here is what you need to know to remain secure:

What’s margarita burn?

“A lime or margarita burn is a pores and skin response referred to as phytophotodermatitis,” says Dr. Samer Jabera board-certified dermatologist at Washington Sq. Dermatology in New York. “It happens when your pores and skin is uncovered to plant compounds referred to as furanocoumarins. These compounds make your pores and skin extra prone to ultraviolet A (UVA) mild.”

What occurs subsequent is {that a} “crimson, itchy, blistering rash can develop wherever the lime juice touched your pores and skin,” he explains. “It may possibly seem like an irregular form or like a streak mark the place the juice dripped onto the pores and skin.”

Widespread crops that trigger phytophotodermatitis embrace citrus fruits, celery and parsnip, he provides. A flowering plant referred to as giant hogweedwhich grows in parts of the U.S.may trigger the response.

Who can get a lime juice burn?

Any pores and skin kind can expertise phytophytodermatitis, Jaber says, however should you burn simply or have mild or crimson hair, then you could have a extra extreme response. The depth of the rash additionally varies relying on the quantity and depth of publicity to the juice and solar.

“It may possibly simply be gentle redness when you have a small quantity of lime juice in your pores and skin with a brief period of solar publicity,” he says, which might final from days to weeks. “In conditions when you’re uncovered for hours with a whole lot of lime in your pores and skin, it may end up in extreme, painful, blistering burns leading to open sores that require medical consideration.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains the response creates a painful line of blisters the place the juice was on the pores and skin, which might result in the “linear, brown, hyperpigmented patches that take weeks or months to resolve.”

Jaber says these darkish spots or hyperpigmentation can final years in some sufferers.

Phytophotodermatitis remedy

When you’ve got phytophotodermatitis, Jaber says to deal with the pores and skin like you may have a sunburn.

“Anti-inflammatory medicines for ache management like Ibuprofen, therapeutic ointments like Aquaphor or Vaseline to assist heal the pores and skin, over-the-counter hydrocortisone ointment and staying out of the solar will help,” he says. “For extra extreme instances, see a dermatologist for acceptable medical administration.”

However the excellent news is phytophotodermatitis could be simply prevented. Jaber suggests:

  • Washing your arms with cleaning soap and water should you’re uncovered to a causative ingredient like citrus juice
  • Defending your pores and skin with a excessive UVA safety sunscreen
  • Staying within the shade.

For gardeners, sporting gloves may assist defend your pores and skin.

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