I am a PT – right here’s why doing sit ups is a waste of time in order for you nice abs

I am a PT – right here’s why doing sit ups is a waste of time in order for you nice abs

WASHBOARD abs have lengthy been related to peak health.

However whereas sit ups as soon as dominated as the last word option to tone these abs and acquire a tighter waistlineextra not too long ago health and fitness consultants have been shunning the crunch.

Sit ups won’t be the ab exercise of your desires in any caseCredit score: Getty

They’re leaving sit ups out of exercises and changing them with all new workouts that they declare are rather more efficient.

So what’s modified? Why has the sit up fallen out of favour and what has come to switch it?

As a private coach and health skilled Jenny Francis-Townson has been avoiding sit ups for years and says all of it comes all the way down to the very fact they merely aren’t that efficient.

She says: “Having a robust core is key to general well being and health, so I’m all about encouraging folks to work to strengthen the abs.

“Not solely does a robust core typically assist folks obtain their aesthetic objectives, it additionally helps them keep away from damage, relieves again pain and helps scale back physique fats round these important organs – an enormous improver of general well being.

“Getting a ‘six pack’ depends on you having robust abs, however you even have to cut back your physique fats for abs to turn out to be seen, so combining a wholesome train regime with a nutritious diet is essential.

“The reality is, I by no means advise shoppers to do sit ups.

“With regards to planning a exercise regime to enhance your core power there are many superb workouts you are able to do each within the health club and at house to realize toned tummy muscle tissues, and these should not sit ups.”

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Listed here are the three causes Jenny doesn’t do sit ups to get abs…

1. Crunches are robust in your again

If you carry out a sit up, it pushes your curved backbone towards the ground and encourages you to make use of your hip flexor muscles (the muscle tissues that hyperlink your thighs to decrease again).

Most of us have tight hip flexor muscle tissues as a result of we spend a lot time sitting down.

When these muscle tissues are tight and we carry out a sit up, they will pull on the decrease backbone, creating stress and decrease again ache.

Sit ups can even trigger us to spherical our again as we ‘pressure’ to get ourselves from the ground to a seated place, and this can also put pointless stress on our backs.

As a substitute of firming these pretty core muscle tissues, sit ups can as an alternative go away us struggling aches and pains.

2. If you happen to don’t do them proper they don’t do a lot

There isn’t any level huffing and puffing your manner via 20 sit ups solely to see no actual outcomes from them.

Sadly, the sit up is usually a very simple train to ‘cheat’ and so many individuals make a sit up simpler with out that means to.

That is just because repeating sit ups again and again with good type is difficult, so your physique will naturally discover methods of constructing it simpler.

Widespread cheats embody: Pulling your head and neck up along with your arms, permitting your backbone to curve and are available off the ground, permitting your physique to fall again all the way down to the ground rapidly and with no management, not bending your knees absolutely.

These cheats put pressure on different areas of the physique and never the core muscle tissues, that means the abs simply aren’t getting the exercise you’re hoping for.

3. Different workouts merely work higher

Sure, in case you carry out sit ups with the proper type your core muscle tissues will get a exercise, however the reality is, there are a complete lot of other workouts which might be a lot, rather more efficient at strengthening your core muscle tissues.

So why waste time with a much less efficient train? Actions within the ‘plank’ place are an ideal instance of this.

The plank place, which entails you supporting your physique weight along with your arms and toes whereas the remainder of your physique stays in a straight line like a plank, recruits a a lot larger vary of muscle tissues on the entrance, sides and again of the stomach, whereas sit-ups use only some muscle tissues.

The extra muscle tissues you utilize whereas performing an train, the extra ‘toned’ the stomach space will likely be and the extra power (energy) you’ll expend whereas doing it.

Sit-ups strengthen only a few muscle teams however dynamic workouts strengthen your whole set of core muscle tissues, making them rather more efficient at getting you these abs.


So, if sit ups should not the important thing to rock stable abs, what are these various marvel strikes we needs to be doing as an alternative?

Jenny says: “There are many nice workouts for strengthening your abs and they’re all the time compound workouts.

“This merely signifies that they’re multi joint moments that require us to make use of a number of muscle tissues to carry out them.

“Compound workouts are the best exercise motion anybody can do and virtually all the time require full use of the core.

“For the most effective, best core power exercise I like to recommend specializing in compound actions which have robust use of the abs.”

Carry out 30 seconds on every train and take a 30 second relaxation. Purpose to finish every train 5 occasions:

1. Low plank mountain climbers

Come onto the ground and relaxation in your forearms. Push into your toes to convey your physique right into a straight line, along with your tummy off the ground.

From right here, carry your left foot off the ground, convey your left knee towards your proper elbow, maintaining your physique in a straight line as you do.

Return your foot again to the beginning place then repeat the motion with the suitable knee.

2. Aspect plank pulse

Come onto the ground and relaxation your left forearm on the ground beneath your shoulder and convey your left foot onto its aspect.

Push your physique up off the ground so it’s in a aspect plank place.
From right here, slowly decrease your left hip down in the direction of the ground, then again as much as the beginning place.

Repeat the entire set on one aspect, and swap to your proper aspect for set quantity two.

Jenny’s high tip for abs:

“Do not rush. We fairly suppose that working ‘laborious’ in a exercise means working ‘quick’, however that merely isn’t true – particularly in terms of constructing your abs.

“Forcing your self to decelerate as you carry out core workouts means forcing your muscle tissues to contract for longer, serving to them turn out to be stronger and tighter within the course of.”

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