I am a abdomen physician: Here’s what the form of your poop means about your bowel well being

I am a abdomen physician: Here’s what the form of your poop means about your bowel well being

Dr Nigma Talib is a naturopathic doctor and gut health expert who shared on TikTok what different stool shapes show about overall health

Dr Nigma Talib is a naturopathic physician and intestine well being knowledgeable who shared on TikTok what totally different stool shapes present about general well being

A physician has revealed the stunning purpose our stools are totally different shapes and what it might probably imply for our well being.

Dr Nigma Talib, a naturopathic physician and intestine knowledgeable, has gone viral on TikTok sharing the nicknames she provides totally different feces shapes.

The well being knowledgeable, who has been working towards for greater than 20 years, shared a video that garnered 5.8 million views and over 108,000 likes.

Within the postDr Talib recognized a number of the totally different shapes of stool – and what they will signify for our well being.

Sizzling canine formed

A stool sort Dr Talib nicknamed the ‘hot-dog sausage’ is the ‘excellent’ poo.

The primary sort was spherical poop. This sort might be exhausting to go or solely come out in small quantities.

It could possibly be an indication of constipation and an indicator that you just’re consuming an excessive amount of protein and never sufficient fiber.

Should you’re getting an excessive amount of protein, take into account placing much less meat in your plate and as an alternative consuming a wide range of fruit and veggies to up your fiber consumption.

For instance, a cup of raspberries or broccoli can have anyplace from 2.6 to six.5 grams of fiber alone.

The United States Department of Agriculture recommends filling your plate with half fruit and veggies, 25 % entire grains, and simply 25 % protein.


By itself, floating poop is not all the time an indication of one thing severe.

It might, as an illustration, simply imply that your physique has an excessive amount of gasoline.

This may occur after any sudden dietary modifications, resembling including meals like broccoli, beans, and lentils into your food plan.

Lactose might additionally trigger extra quantities of gasoline.

Nevertheless, Dr Talib additionally stated floating poop could possibly be linked to a scarcity of bile, which the liver makes to filter waste resembling toxins and extreme ldl cholesterol.

Not sufficient bile in stool could possibly be a sign of bile acid malabsorption. When bile is not correctly absorbed, it causes chemical imbalances, which finally can lead to diarrhea.

In case your poop floats, it might additionally imply it has an excessive amount of fats in it, Dr Talib stated. This could be a symptom of celiac illness and gastrointestinal infections.

Round stools can be difficult to pass, indicating too much protein and not enough fiber

Spherical stools might be troublesome to go, indicating an excessive amount of protein and never sufficient fiber

Caterpillar formed

‘Caterpillar’-shaped stools might imply that you’re dehydrated and or affected by constipation.

These stools are lumpy and formed like logs. Much like rounder shapes, this type of stool might be exhausting to go you probably have constipation.

Caterpillar poop might additionally imply you are dehydrated, which fits hand in hand with constipation.

The intestines and colon soak up water from the stool as a way to hold the physique hydrated.

If there isn’t a water to attract from, stools change into lumpy and caterpillar formed.

Consuming loads of water can soften this stool. Setting a day by day aim for your self and step by step rising it might aid you drink extra water if you happen to battle to hydrate sufficient.


Although not completely liquid, porridge poop is taken into account a gentle type of diarrhea.

Dr Talib attributed this kind to meals intolerance, nervousness, and extreme magnesium.

She additionally stated this kind could possibly be resulting from an infection.

If it lasts no quite a lot of days, it’s possible from a standard virus or abdomen bug.

Nevertheless, diarrhea has additionally been linked to micro organism resembling E. Coli.

Different signs of E. Coli embrace abdomen cramps and vomiting, in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

An excessive amount of magnesium, both from food plan or medicines, might additionally result in diarrhea, in addition to abdomen cramps and vomiting, she stated.


Dr Talib’s final stool form was ‘mucus poop,’ which may have white or yellow streaks in it.

This may be an indicator of inflammatory bowel illness, primarily Crohn’s illness.

Crohn’s illness is a bowel situation that may trigger irritation anyplace within the digestive tract, from the esophagus to the anus.

Along with stools with mucus in them, Crohn’s causes diarrhea, malnutrition, blood within the stool, and belly ache, in line with Mayo Clinic.

An estimated 500,000 folks in america have Crohn’s.

Dr Talib additionally attributed this stool form to bacterial infections resembling salmonella and shigellosis.

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