Former Girls’s Physique Olympia Champion Dana Linn Bailey Prioritizes Supersets on Leg Day

Former Girls’s Physique Olympia Champion Dana Linn Bailey Prioritizes Supersets on Leg Day

Bodybuilding judges are searching for quite a lot of elements to attain an athlete in a professional present, together with muscle mass, symmetrystability, conditioning, muscle qualityand muscle separation. Each bodybuilder strives for an ideal rating and makes use of distinctive coaching approaches finest suited to them to attain that.

Some bodybuilders train their legs as soon as every week, whereas others prioritize the muscle group with higher frequency coaching a number of instances per week. The 2013 Girls’s Physique Olympia champion, Dana Linn Baileybelongs to the latter camp.

Bailey is likely one of the hottest feminine skilled bodybuilders within the IFBB Professional League, although she hasn’t competed in a professional present for the reason that 2015 Arnold Basic. Bailey has not formally retired, giving her followers hope for an eventual comeback. On July 4, 2023, Bailey shared her glute and hamstring-biased leg exercise that makes use of supersets to maximise hypertrophy. Try the video under, courtesy of her YouTube channel:

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Dana Linn Baliey Glute and Hamstring Exercise

Bailey prioritized supersets in her posterior chain-focused leg exercise:

Nordics Curls and Romanian Deadliftss

Bailey opened with Nordic curl and Romanian deadlift superset. She carried out the Nordic curls on the ground by securing her decrease legs below a barbell with weight plates on every finish.

Bailey carried out Romanian Deadlifts with that barbell. The smaller plates allowed her to maneuver by way of an prolonged range of motion — bigger weight plates would hit the ground ahead of smaller plates, leading to much less vary of movement — leading to higher glute and hamstring engagement. She maintained a excessive coaching depth through minimal relaxation between units.

Deficit Sumo Deadlifts

Bailey makes use of deficit sumo deadlifts to bias the adductors, vastus medialis, glutes, and hamstrings. “By elevating your self, you get a greater vary of movement,” defined Bailey as she stepped onto a stack of 45-pound bumper plates.

Bailey paused for a second when the barbell reached her knees on the concentric. A 2011 research within the Journal of Physiology confirmed that growing the time below pressure can result in higher muscle fiber stimulation, boosting hypertrophy. (1)

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One-and-a-Half Rep Dumbbell Sumo Deadlifts

After getting right into a wider-than-shoulder-width stance, Bailey grabbed a dumbbell with each arms by interlacing her fingers across the deal with. She initiated by lifting the dumbbell off the ground and reversing after reaching knee stage. She carried out a deadlift with a full vary of movement to finish the one-and-a-half reps.

I really like sumo (deadlifts) on hamstring and glute day (to) hit the internal thighs (and) targets that outer glute space.

Bailey maintained her torso at a 45-degree angle with the ground to bias her hamstrings and glutes. Staying upright results in higher quad engagement as there may be much less hip flexion.

Banded Hyperextensions

Utilizing a resistance band to maintain fixed pressure on her hamstrings and glute, Bailey tied one finish across the backside of the hyperextension bench and the opposite round her shoulders. To take care of constant pressure and cut back the involvement of her decrease again, Bailey arched her again and saved her head under her hips on the high of the motion. She carried out 10-12 reps on every set earlier than ending with a drop set to failure.

Hip Thrust & Banded Abduction

Bailey carried out hip thrusts on a machine with a loop resistance band across the backside of her higher legs. The resistance band calls for exterior rotation whereas performing the hip thrust, leading to higher glute engagement. After finishing 10-12 reps, Bailey did partials within the high half of the motion.

Bailey adopted that by positioning her physique in a straight line together with her toes positioned hip-width aside. She carried out hip abductions by spreading her knees as extensive as potential and pausing on the high to maximise abductor stimulation.

Excessive Field Step-Ups

Bailey beneficial utilizing a field of ample top in order that the knee of the working leg is above the hip when the opposite foot is grounded. “The upper you go, (the extra you’ll) name on these hamstring and glutes,” defined Bailey. She grabbed a dumbbell in a single hand and held onto a squat rack pole for stability with the opposite whereas performing this train.


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