Derek Lunsford Makes use of Excessive-Calorie Refeeds to Recuperate From Leg Coaching

Derek Lunsford Makes use of Excessive-Calorie Refeeds to Recuperate From Leg Coaching

2022 Mr. Olympia silver medalist Derek Lunsford has a transparent goal for the 2023 low season: add lean muscle tissue to his already spectacular X-frame to problem reigning Mr. Olympia Hadi Choopan for the title on Nov. 2-5, 2023, in Orlando, FL.

Lunsford is coaching exhausting within the 2023 low season, furthering the progress of eight kilos of lean tissue added in his earlier low season. The Tampa-based bodybuilder shared his quad-biased leg workout in a video revealed on his YouTube channel on June 26, 2023. Test it out under:

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Derek Lunsford’s Off-Season Leg Exercise

The 2021 212 Olympia champ did 4 workouts in his quad-focused exercise:

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Mendacity Leg Curls & Leg Extensions

Though this was a quad-focused leg day, Lunsford opened the exercise with mendacity leg curls to heat up his hamstrings. He finds it helps him set up a strong mind-muscle connection and successfully loosens him up for the programmed heavy compound lifts.

Lunsford continued his isometric coaching with leg extensions to load his quads. He moved slowly by each the eccentrics and concentric, growing time under tension and maximizing blood circulation to his quads which shall be educated closely by the remainder of the session.

Sumo Belt Squats

Lunsford targeted on his adductors and vastus medialis by way of a wider-than-shoulder-width stance on the belt squat machine. The previous 212 Olympia champ held onto the machine’s handles, taking his time on the eccentrics. He prevented locking out his knees on the prime to take care of fixed stress on the quads.

Lunsford opened with two 45-pound weight plates on the machine. He reached 4 whole plates for his second set and 6 for his third. His closing set loaded eight 45-pound plates and two 25-plates on the machine. After his third set, he talked about how far he’d come previously two years:

This was my max two years in the past once I was preparing for the 212 (Olympia).

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Pendulum Squat

Lunsford’s fourth train was the pendulum squat. Its motion trajectory permits Lunsford to bias his quads whereas minimizing pressure on his decrease again and knees.

After finishing three units, Lunsford carried out a double drop set to failure. Coaching to failure can ship requisite muscle fiber stimulus to boost power and muscle improvement. (1)

Lunsford’s burnout set featured 15 reps with 4 45-pound plates, reps 16-30 with two plates, and reps 31-45 with out plates on the machine.

“Proper now, as I’m attempting to construct power and keep full and develop, there’s no have to hold tearing down the muscle,” stated Lunsford after wrapping up his leg session. “You need to have the ability to get well, develop, after which get again in and do it once more.”

Put up-Exercise Sizzling Canine Consuming Competitors

After his leg exercise, Lunsford and Basic Physique bodybuilder Bartley Weaver engaged in a pleasant scorching dog-eating competitors. Weaver downed 42 scorching canine and buns in 10 minutes, whereas Lunsford managed 11.

Lunsford’s subsequent bodybuilding present would be the 59th version of the Olympia in November. We’ll see if the heavy quad coaching and post-workout scorching canine can clinch Lunsford the Sandow trophy.


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