A man loses half his body weight by eating the same ‘good and cheap’ meal ‘every day’

A man loses half his body weight by eating the same ‘good and cheap’ meal ‘every day’

Mark before his weight loss transformation. (Photo: Mark Stephens)

Before his weight loss transformationMark Stephen weighed in at an impressive 32 stone but managed to drop to less than 15 stone by changing with eating habits and introducing some exercise in his daily routine. Before starting his weight loss journey, Mark had ‘temporarily’ moved into an Airbnb in Nottingham in order to be more independent.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit he was living there alone and as he felt isolated he “needed something” that he “could control”.

“And there was very little I could control other than my weight and what I was doing with myself,” he said.

How did Mark lose 17 stones?

The slimmer one decided to get some exercise, and he started borrowing the neighbor’s Shar Pei dog “all the time for walks” and getting some fresh air.

“You were allowed out to exercise, but not much else. If they hadn’t let me take Oscar, the trip would have taken a lot longer,” he said. explain.

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Mark before his weight loss transformation. (Photo: Mark Stephens)
Mark after his weight loss transformation. (Photo: Mark Stephens)

Feeling more motivated than ever, he incorporated other workouts into his new fitness routine.

Mark started using dumbbells and “I did a lot of the weight training stuff I had on Youtube and I got his help several times”.

He also used “the resistance bands because I realized walking the dog is awesome but I don’t use any of the other muscles.”

Mark’s dietary changes

He revealed that to lose weight he started eating ‘the same meal every day’ and although it was ‘terribly boring’ this regiment ‘was the only way for me to figure that out’.

However, he also “mixed it with different spices and sauces, so it wasn’t just tuna and pasta, which made it so good and cheap”.

Mark managed to maintain his weight for two years, but he still had excess skin that he wanted to get rid of.

Unfortunately, the NHS could not help him as the procedure is considered a ‘cosmetic’ treatment, so Mark was unable to have surgery following his weight loss.

When he lost his father earlier this year things came together for him and he decided to fund the operation to improve his lifestyle and appearance as well as achieve his goal of life.

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He explained: “These £15,000 that I need for my arms and stomach, I have in my head like a wall that I have to build.

“And each brick in the wall costs £25 and that way it doesn’t seem like such an unmanageable task because I’ve built walls with over 600 bricks.”

Speaking about the operation, he commented: “It would literally be life changing, and I did all the hard work and put in all the effort.

“That would be great and I could go out a bit more to see mum,” he said. Nottinghamshire Live.

Some of the best tips NHS for weight loss include:

  • Aim for two or more vegetables a day.
  • Always include proteins like beans, legumes, fish, eggs, meat or other types.
  • Carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, rice, or pasta should make up no more than a third of your meal, and try to have whole-grain versions where you can.
  • If you eat fish, try to eat two servings a week.
  • Choose low fat and low sugar options for milk, cheese and yogurt.
  • Opt for olive, sunflower and rapeseed oil, which contain unsaturated fats.
  • Choose low-fat spreads and eat them only in small amounts.
  • Drink six to eight cups of fluid a day.

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